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About the Department

The department manages an integrated communication programme that includes:

Media liaison
The department is responsible for liaison with the media; both local and International, to highlight news and events happening at the university and inform the public about university programmes, research, student life on campus and activities of faculties and departments.

Public Relations
The Department has developed a consistent two-way communication with constituent organisations to enhance and build relationships between the university and its stakeholders.

Production of University Publications
To publish statutory reports such as the Vice Chancellor’s Annual Report, Yearbook and other informative publications such as UZ Weekly.

Online communications
The department is at the forefront of utilizing ICT portals for the convenience of local and international media and key publics within the growing internet social realm. As more people turn to the Web to receive news, the department is an active player in online communities and networks.

Organising University Functions and Events
The Department manages all major UZ events, particularly those hosted by the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor.

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