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About The Department

The University of Zimbabwe Publications (UZP) is a publishing arm of the University. Our main responsibility is to publish scholarly works and journals. UZP is also an integrated content manager and specialist supplier of publishing services, including copyediting and page/cover design for the higher education, tertiary and private sector markets. Currently we outsource all printing. We are responsible for all matters related to publishing at the University of Zimbabwe, providing advice and assistance to academic faculties, departments, centres and institutions on publishing. We handle the warehousing of all UZP titles and are responsible for the sales and marketing of the same.

The three official journals of the University are the Central African Journal of Medicine (CAJM), representing medical and life sciences; The Journal of Applied Sciences in Southern Africa (JASSA), representing the physical and applied sciences and ZAMBEZIA, Journal of Humanities representing the humanities and social sciences. The publication of books, monographs and research articles in these journals is the core business of the UZP.

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