Chaplaincy and Ecumenical Services

Senior Chaplain

Reverend Edwin Magwidi



The vision of the Chaplaincy is to minister effectively to the needs of the University Community and the society at large, through the provision of spiritual guidance, counseling, moral and material support to students and members of staff, in an ecumenical spirit. The Ecumenical Chaplaincy seeks to create an atmosphere, among students and staff, where values of Truthfulness, Accountability, Responsibility, Self-Confidence and Tolerance are cherished.

 The Chaplaincy’s mandate encapsulate (i) Promotion of the Christian faith and culture on Campus; (ii) Coordination of Christian activities on Campus through liaison with all registered and active Christian groups; (iii) Provision of free counseling services for the University community; (iv) Presiding over weddings, funerals and memorial services for members of staff; (v) Supporting (visiting and praying with) the sick student and members of staff in hospitals, hostels and homes; (vi) Assisting in the general welfare of students in distress; and (vii) Managing the University of Zimbabwe Choir and coordinating choral events and outreaches by students.