Zimbabwe Veterinary Students Association (ZVSA) Report on World Rabies Day Awareness Campaign 2016

Every year, world over, on the 28th of September, people commemorate World Rabies Day as a bid of raising awareness of the disease and its prevention. This year, the ZVSA joined the rest of the world in commemorating the day by conducting mass vaccinations and dipping of companion animals for free  in Kuwadzana . The campaign was held at Kuwadzana  2 Shopping Centre on Saturday 01 October 2016 from 0900hrs to 1600hrs.  This was ZVSA’s attempt to fulfill the OIE (World Animal Health Organization) Initiative Concept and to directly work with our communities.


Pre campaign activities 

A rapid and massive Social Media campaign was initiated with the creation of a ZVSA facebook page and Instagram  account (@ZVSA2016). Many people had logos on their social media accounts. Most campus notice boards had posters in English, French and Shona on rabies with all the vital information about rabies that the public needs to know regarding this highly fatal disease. The ZVSA took on to the national media as part of the awareness campaign. On Wednesday the 27th of September the ZVSA Vice President  Ms Tanyaradzwa Nyarambi had a live interview on ZBC TV on Good Morning Zimbabwe.  

On 28 September 2016 ,Ms Charmaine Mutswiri(Media) and Mrs Clementine Mandizvidza neeMatseka(Finance Director)  had  a captivating live on air recording on Star FM talking about rabies on World Rabies Day. On Thursday  the 29th of September Mr Trevor Anesu Nyakonda (The President) and Mr Anesu Kumunda (Operations Director) had a live interview on Radio Zimbabwe in Ndebele and Shona which captivated many people.On the very same day the ZVSA Committee  accompanied by Sr Tawanda ,Ms Vaida Chiwerere (secretary-general) , Ms Ngara and Mr Gwari (all BVSc)  went to community schools and public clinics in Kuwadzana Surburb making announcements regarding the rabies vaccination campaign as well as giving public lectures.



Day of the campaign in pictures -Kuwadzana 2 Shopping Centre

Post Campaign

On the 6th of October 2016  ZiFM Stereo made a followup on the events that occurred in Kuwadzana on the 1st of October 2016. Mr Nyakonda was live on radio in a telephone interview on Wednesday  late afternoon.


We would like to thank the students and staff members from the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences for their support in kind and cash towards this noble cause. We would also like to thank:

      • University of Zimbabwe
      • Faculty of Veterinary Sciences –UZ staff
      • Coopers Animal Health ,
      • Guardian Pharmacy
      • Fivet  Animal Health
      • SPANA
      • AWARE Trust
      • Central Veterinary Laboratories;
      • UZ Vet Teaching Hospital
      • Our Patrons (Dr Dhliwayo and Dr Tivapasi
      • Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)
      • City Of Harare_Kuwadzana District

For providing their unwavering support in making the day a huge success.

Profound gratitude goes to the following  media houses for spreading the word about the campaign ;

  • Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC)
  • Star FM
  • ZiFM
  • Radio Zimbabwe   for helping spread the word about the campaign.

We are greatly indebted to the Students from The Faculty of Veterinary Science  (BVSc And DVN) for their continued dedication to the profession.


ZVSA 2016