UZ Launches 17 Books

The University of Zimbabwe is geared to becoming one of the best universities on the African continent by 2017. This is evidenced by the various interventions being undertaken by the University to improve the teaching and learning environment at the institution.

Speaking at the launch of 17 books published in 2016 by University of Zimbabwe academics on 18 November 2016, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Professor Levi Nyagura said that the massive infrastructural developments and improvements in research facilities and outputs, including publications by the institution’s academics would catapult the University to its rightful position among the league of Africa’s best universities.

Said the Vice Chancellor, “A world class university is one that society admires and emulates. It must take a leadership role and be a point of reference for the nation. This is the mandate that society thrusts upon the University of Zimbabwe, as the nation’s founding university. It is incumbent upon us as the oldest and premier institution of higher learning in the country to set the pace in scientific advancement, knowledge creation and generation, and dissemination of information in order to provide solutions to challenges that face our communities, region and the globe. The challenge to remain relevant and to generate life transforming research cannot be ignored at this point in our evolving history. The University of Zimbabwe is at the centre of the nation’s transformative trajectory as the country labours to liberate and empower its citizens”. While applauding the authors of the new books for a job well done, the Vice Chancellor challenged the University’s academic staff to scale their research efforts even higher for the University to be more productive in its contribution to the nations’ development aspirations.



Africa’s Intangible Heritage and Land: Emerging Perspectives

R. Magosvongwe, O. Mlambo and E. Ndlovu (Editors)

Fundamentals of Educational Psychology

F. Zindi

Knowledge Production and African Universities: A Struggle Against Social Death

C.G. Mararike and O. Vengeyi (Editors)

A Training Course in Mathematical Methods in Corruption Management

S. Mukwembi

Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Policy Analysis, Management and Governance in Zimbabwe

G. Zhou and T. Zinyamba


T. Marufu

Cleaner Production: Theory and Application

K. Mugwindiri and T. Mushiri


Happiness and Hope in Biblical-themed Rhymes

N. Utete

Sounds of Life: Music, Identity and Politics in Zimbabwe

F. Mangena, E. Chitando and I. Muwati (Editors)

The Odyssey of Shona Imaginative Narratives

G.P. Kahari

Standard Shona-English Dictionary Names (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 set)

G.P. Kahari

Resilience Under Siege: The Zimbabwe Economy, Politics and Society

E. Chitando, M. Nyakudya and G. Phiri (Editors)

Hodzeko Yenduri

M. Gunduza (Editor)

Gwatakwata Renhetembo

M. Gunduza (Editor)

New Rules for Global Justice: Structural Redistribution in the Global Economy

J.A. Scholte, L. Fioramonti, A.G. Nhema (Editors)

Lecture Notes on Pharmacodynamics

C.B.F. Nhachi

Sexualities in Gabriel García Márquez’s Novels

Dr. B.C. Manyarara

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