UZ Celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Separation of Siamese Twins

UZ Vice Chancellor, Prof L M Nyagura

The 2nd anniversary of the historic separation of Siamese twins, Tapuwanashe and Kupakwashe Chitiyo by a team of medical practitioners from the University of Zimbabwe’s College of Health Sciences was celebrated in style at a colourful ceremony hosted by the University on Friday 22 November 2016. The twins were first introduced to Zimbabwe in July 2014, when they were born joined at the abdomen and lower part of the chest.   At the time, Tapuwanashe and Kupakwashe shared the liver.

Two years following the surgery, Tapuwanshe and Kupakwashe are a bundle of joy, enjoying time and play just like any other kids born normally. Speaking at the anniversary celebrations, Mr Bothwell Mbuwayesango,  who led the University of Zimbabwe surgical team that separated the conjoined twins, expressed excitement at the commemoration of the first ever successful separation of conjoined twins in Zimbabwe by local medical experts. He stressed that the surgery was ground breaking and that the knowledge from the procedure would help to guide similar surgeries, not only in Zimbabwe, but the region, continent and indeed the world.

Applauding the ‘miracle’ surgery by his team of medical academics, an elated Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Professor Levi Nyagura, retorted that the University of Zimbabwe was honoured to have played a part in helping the twins to develop into the unique individuals they now were. The Vice Chancellor further noted that it was with great pride and joy that the University had seen it fit to organize and celebrate with the nation, the 2nd anniversary of the trailblazing surgery. 

Mr Chitiyo, the father of the twins could not hide his joy and gratitude for all that the University had done in support of the survival of his twin sons. He in particular, thanked the surgical team that saved the lives of his sons as well as the University for hosting the celebration. He pointed out that while Tapuwanashe and Kupakwashe had distinctly different personalities, it was heartwarming to see them interacting playfully together and with other members of the family and community.


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