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    6th Annual Vice Chancellor's Awards

    The University of Zimbabwe will be hosting the 6th Edition of the Vice Chancellor's Awards on the 9th of November 2017.The Awards will be held in the UZ Great Hall.

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 M.Ed Psychology (UZ); B.Ed English (UZ) Psychology Dip Ed. Belvedere Teachers College, an Associate College of the University of Zimbabwe.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Research Interests: Personality Issues (Particularly as the influence learning), Teaching practice Issues, Human Development, Teaching and Learning, Human Psychology and any Issues related to it.


1.Rwodzi, M. (2006). ‘Similarities and Differences in Attitudes Towards Mathematics among Form 3 Pupils in Gweru Urban Schools’. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 18, no. 3.

2.Rwodzi, M., Bondai, B. and Muchenje, F. (2011). ‘Student Teacher Perceptions of the Role of Classroom Mentors on Attachment Teaching Practice: The Case of Morgan Zintec College.’ Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 23, no, 3.

3.Rwodzi, M. (2011). Attitudes Towards Mathematics in Gweru Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

4.Mutisi, D. And Rwodzi, M. (2011). Donor Funded Education in Chipinge West Primary Schools in Zimbabwe. Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

5.Rwodzi, M. (2013). ‘Clinical Supervision at Morgan Zintec Teachers College: Is it the Answer?” The Zimbabwe Journal of Teacher Education. Vol. 15 (2).

Works Accepted for Publication

1.Rwodzi, M. ‘Behaviourism: Pavlov versus Skinner in the Classroom.’ In Issues in Foundations of Education. Gweru, Book Love Publishers.

2.Rwodzi, M. ‘Cognitive Development: Piaget versus Bruner in the Classroom.’ In Issues in Foundations of Education. Gweru, Book Love Publishers.

3.Ruparanganda, F. And Rwodzi, M. ‘ Project Approach as an Alternative to Regular Laboratory Practical Work in the Teaching and Learning of Biology in Rural Secondary Schools in Zimbabwe.’ International Journal of Education and Information Studies. Paper code 20075.

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