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Dr Chimoga

MBChB 2002 ,DA 2005  ,MMMED Anaesthetics 2008 all qualifications from UZ . 

Research Interest

Obstetric anaesthesia 

Current research

Haemodynamic response following endotracheal intubation: A comparison between the fibrescope and conventional direct laryngoscopy 

Dr Danai Marange

MBChB, DA, MMED (anaes) UZ

Research Interests

 1) Implications of HIV/AIDS for the Anaesthetist and Intensivist

2) Anaesthetic hygienic practices and adherence to Universal Precautions



None as yet but currently working on publishing one that involves comparison of the duration of non hypoxic apnoea at the induction of anaesthesia.

Dr Madzimbamuto

BSc (Science), MBChB(UZ), MMed(Anaesth)[UZ], FRCA(UK)

Research Interests

Maternal Mortality

Quality of Clinical Care 

Medical Education

Intellectualisation of African languages 

Current Research:

Cesarean Section Registry [proposal submitted] [with Obs&Gynae and Nursing Science]

Oxytocin dosage practice at Cesarean Section in Zimbabwe [with DrChikumba]

Is it possible to communicate scientific information in an African Language ? [with ALRI]

What is the prevalence of MRSA in Zimbabwe [with Dr K Mauchaza and Dr R Makunike]


1.Madzimbamuto FD. Developing anatomical terms in the Shona language. SAJM 2012; 102: 132 -135

2.Madzimbamuto FD. Comparison between MMedAnaesthesiaprogrammes in SADC Region. AJHPE 2012;4(1): 22-27

3.Ray CS, Madzimbamuto FD, FonnActivism: working to reduce maternal mortality through civil society and health  professional alliances in sub-Saharan Africa. Reproductive Health Matters May2012; 20 (39):40-49

4.Tsima B, Madzimbamuto FD, Mash B. Use of oxytocin in Caesarian Section at Princess Marina Hospital,Afr J Prm Health Care Fam Med. 2013;5(1), Art. #418, pages. phcfm.v5i1.418

Dr Mukonoweshuro

MBChB 2002 ,DA 2005  ,MMMED Anaesthetics 2008 all qualifications from UZ . 


MMED Dissertation.Comparison of fetal outcome propofol versus thiopentone as induction agents for caesarian section. 2008

RESEARCH INTEREST : postoperative pain 

Current research 

Ccomparison of morphine versus pethidine for post Caesarian section pain. Ready to commence study. 

Dr. TaongaMukonoweshuro 

Specialist Anaesthetist

31 Baines Avenue


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