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Research Activities

Research activities

Individual lecturers are involved in numerous different research projects, some collaborative with other institutions and departments. Broad research interests include:

Professor M.Z Borok: Kaposi Sarcoma/AIDS Cancers

Professor J.G. Hakim: Cardiology, HIV

Professor J.A. Matenga: Cardiology

Dr G.W. Ngwende: Neurological complications of HIV, epilepsy

Dr C.E.Ndhlovu: Nephrology/HIV

Dr N.T. Munyandu: Cardiology

Dr G. Kadzirange: HIV/ Infectious Disease

Dr W.F. Mudombi: Gastroenterology

Dr L. Katsidzira: Gastroenterology/ infectious diseases

Dr G. Fana: Cardiology

The Department is also involved in the Novel Education Clinical Trainees and Researchers Programme, NECTAR, is a grant to the value of US$15,000,000 (15 million United States dollars) awarded to the University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences, UZCHS, for the implementation of a programme, to improve medical education, and strengthen research capacity at the College, for the period 2010-2015. The UZCHS was awarded 3 grants, namely a programmatic award (NECTAR), and two linked awards; a cardiovascular/stroke award (CHRIS) and a mental health award (IMHERZ), under the Medical Education Partnership Initiative, MEPI. The two joint coordinating centers for the programme are George Washington University and African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation in the United States.

Community Service Work

Various members of the Department also through other organizations which have a medical bias e.g NDTPAC, ZNCR, ARC or others have provided service work to the community.

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