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Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) Degree Full-Time Programme (4 years)


All the courses in this programme are core courses

Level 1 courses

CourseCode Description
BS101 Business Administration 1
BS107 Business Mathematics
AC108 Business Law 1
AC105 Information Processing 1
CSCO101 Communication Skills for Commerce 1
AC104 Introductory Financial Accounting 1
BS105 Business Administration 2
BS106 Business Statistics
ECON104 Principles of Microeconomics
AC118 Business Law 2
AC115 Information Processing 2
CSCO103 Communication Skills for Commerce 2
AC114 Introductory Financial Accounting 2
ECON109 Principles of Macroeconomics

Level 2 courses

CourseCode Description
AC208 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1
AC207 Cost Accounting & Control 1
BS204 Corporate Finance 1
BS201 Management 1
AC210 Auditing 1
AC211 Accounting Information Systems 1
AC218 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2
AC217 Cost Accounting & Control 2
BS207 Corporate Finance 2
BS205 Management 2
AC220 Auditing 2
AC221 Accounting Information Systems 2

Level 3 course

CourseCode Description
AC380 Industrial attachment and professional experience

Level 4 courses


Coursecode Description
AC408 Advanced Financial Accounting 1
AC407 Management Accounting & Control 1
AC404 Auditing and Investigation 1
AC405 Tax Law and Practice 1
AC421 International Accounting Regulatory Framework 1
AC403  Public Sector Accounting 1
AC418 Advanced Financial Accounting 2
AC417 Management Acc. & Control 2  
AC414 Auditing and Investigation 2
AC415 Tax Law and Practice 2
AC422 International Accounting Regulatory Framework 2
AC413 Public Sector Accounting 2
AC423 Professional Values, Ethics & Attitudes 1
AC424 Professional Values, Ethics & Attitudes 2



Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) Degree Part-Time Programme (HACCPP) (4 years)

All the courses in this programme are core courses

Year 1 Courses.

Semester 1

Course Code       Description                             


AC104              Introductory Financial Accounting 1                                    

BS101              Business Administration 1                                                     

CSCO102          Communications Skills for Commerce 1                               

ECON104          Principles of Microeconomics                                    

BS107              Business Mathematics                                                            

Semester 2

Course Code    Description                            


AC114                        Introductory Financial Accounting 2                                                

BS105             Business Administration 2                                                                 

AC105            Information Processing I                                                                  

AC108                        Business Law 1                                                                                  

BS106             Business Statistics                                                                                          

ECON109       Principles of Macroeconomics                                                           

Year 2 Courses.

Semester 1     

Course Code             Description                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

AC115                        Information Processing 2                                                       

AC118                        Business Law 2                                                                                  

AC208                        Intermediate Financial Accounting 1                        

AC210                        Auditing 1                                                                                                      

BS204             Corporate Finance 1                                                   

Semester 2     

Course Code             Description                                                                


AC207                        Cost Accounting & Control 1                                                                     

BS201             Management 1                                                                       

AC218                        Intermediate Financial Accounting 2                                    

CSCO103       Communication Skills for Commerce                                             

AC211                        Accounting Information Systems 1                                                              

Year 3 Courses

Semester 1

Course Code             Description                                                                


AC217                        Cost Accounting & Control 2                                                                   

BS205             Management 2                                                                       

AC220                        Auditing 2                                                                  

AC221                        Accounting Information Processing 2                                               

AC380                        Professional Project Report                                                                      

Semester 2

AC404                        Auditing & Investigations 1                                      

AC407                        Management Accounting & Control 1                      

BS207             Corporate Finance 2                                                   

AC403                        Public Sector Accounting 1                                                                        

Year 4

Semester 1

Course            Description                                                                


AC405                        Tax Law & Practice 1                                                                                    

AC408                        Advanced Financial Accounting 1                            

AC421                        International Accounting Regulatory Framework 1                                      

AC417                        Management Accounting & Control 2                      

AC413                        Public Sector Accounting 2                                       

AC423                        Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes 1                                                 

Semester 2

Course Code             Description                                                    


AC414                        Auditing & Investigations 2                                      

AC415                        Tax Law & Practice 2                                                                                    

AC418                        Advanced Financial Accounting 2                            

AC420                        Accounting Theory & Practice 2                               

AC422                        International Accounting Regulatory Framework 2                                      

AC424            Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes 2                                                 

Career Prospects

Accountancy graduates can pursue careers as:

  • Financial Accountants, Management Accountants, Treasury Managers, Taxation consultants, Internal and External Auditors and Accountants for Central and Local Government.


Master of Accountancy Degree 1½years Full-time (2½ years on Part-time)

To qualify for a Master of Accountancy:

  • A candidate must normally possess a good honours degree with a 2.2 or better in Accounting and two (2) years post graduate work experience.

Part 1 (First Semester for Full time Programme)

Course            Course                                                                                   

Code               description                                         

MACC506      Management of Accounting

                        Information Systems                                                                                     

MACC502      International Management Accounting & Control   

MACC503      International Accounting & Financial Reporting

MACC504      International Financial Management                                              

MACC505      Environment of International Business                    

MACC511    Advanced Public Sector Finance and Accounting               

Part 2 (Second Semester for Full time Programme)

MACC501      Research Methods                                                                                         

MACC507      Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting

MACC508      The Global Financial Regulatory Framework

MACC509      Corporate Finance                                                           

MACC510      International Banking Capital Markets                                           

MACC512       Corporate Governance and Accountability                         


Part 3 (Part 2 for Full time Programme)


MACC 570                   Dissertation 

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