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Master of Business Administration (2½ years on Part-time)


Part 1

Semester 1

Course Code Course Description                                           

MBA504       Business and its Environment                                    

MBA506       Management and Organization Behaviour                  

MBA533       Accounting for Managers                                           

MBA534       Business Information Systems                                   

  1. MBA535Statistics for            


Semester 2                                                 Prerequisite

MBA517       Marketing Management                                             

MBA536       Business Finance                                                        

MBA507       Managerial Economics                                         

MBA539       Operations Research          MBA535             

MBA563       Communication and                              

                     Negotiating Skills

Part 2

Management Option                                         

Semester 1

Course Code Course Description                                           

MBA513       Small Enterprise Management                                     

MBA527       Human Resources Management                                   

MBA545       Investment and Portfolio Management                       

MBA531       Business Law                                                             

MBA543      Management of Change and Complexity        


MBA565       Corporate Governance and Business Ethics                

MBA574       Business Research Methods                                        

MBA540       Strategic Management                                                  

MBA528       Project Management                                                    

MBA573       Global Economy                                                          

Financial Services Option

Semester 1

MBA522       Applied Corporate Finance                                         

MBA566       Financial Economics                                                    

MBA567       Financial Markets                                                        

MBA569       Risk Management                                                        

MBA545      Investment and Portfolio Management                                                 

Semester 2

MBA540               Strategic Management                                                       

MBA546                International Financial Management                                

MBA573               Global Economy                                                             

MBA565              Corporate Governance and Business Ethics                

MBA574       Business Research Methods                                        

Part III

Course Code Course Description                                            

MBA570         Dissertation


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