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Research Focus

The Department of RSCP has a highly dynamic and productive research culture. Members of the Department have and are actively involved in research that seeks to locate the role of religion in society, interpretation of sacred texts in lived contexts, philosophical reflections in changing settings, as well as the relevance of Classics in contemporary situations Following the University’s and Faculty’s Strategic Plans, researchers in the Department endeavor to undertake research that is transformative and results in contributing to sustainable human development.

The Religious Studies section pursues research relating to the role religion has played and continues to play in the development of human institutions, values and behavior. The research focuses on religion and politics, history/forms of Christianity, African Initiated Churches, ethical reflections, Pentecostalism, Biblical studies, the Bible in Africa, human sexuality, interfaith dialogue and other contemporary themes such gender, ecology, human rights, health and well being, children’s theology, religious fundamentalism and religion and development. Since religious studies is multidisciplinary the researchers employ tools of many different approaches and disciplines such as socio-scientific approaches (sociology, psychology), philosophy, feminism, postcolonialism, theology and phenomenology.

The Classics section has an interest in research relevant to Greco-Roman classics in general, but is particularly interested in an interdisciplinary approach to Classics that acknowledges the various disciplinary areas which Classics takes into account (philosophy, history, literature, etc.). Of particular interest is the relationship of classical phenomena to comparable phenomena in Africa. The areas of folklore and land reform politics have been dealt with in the past and these areas remain of interest. Research in Philosophy and Religious Studies is related to Classics in various areas and the section’s members retain an interest in departmental research in the areas of philosophy and religion, and are accustomed to contribute their input in seminars relevant to these topics.
In the philosophy section of the Department of Religious Studies, Classics and Philosophy, philosophers have (in recent years) expended their energies reflecting on issues to do with culture, gender and development in light of the socio-economic and political challenges confronting Zimbabwe today. There is also sustained research in philosophy and ethics, especially as they relate to the African environment, the business arena and the religious arena. Issues to do with race and multiculturalism have also interested philosophers in the philosophy section of the Department of Religious Studies, Classics and Philosophy.

Members of these three sections of the Department continue to research and publish on these and other emerging themes, as well as engaging with diverse stakeholders in the country and beyond.

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