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Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Chinese Language & Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Arts Honours in French Language & Culture

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Portuguese Language & Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Arts Honours in German Cultural, Language and Literary Studies

Dual Honours in English & Portuguese

Dual Honours in English and Chinese

Dual Honours in Foreign Languages and Linguitics:Majors in

1. German & Linguistics

2. Chinese & Linguistics

3. Portuguese & Linguistics


Short Courses

Portuguese for Beginners

Chinese for Beginners


Entry requirements
To be eligible for normal entry into the above Honors programmes in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature an applicant must satisfy the entry requirements specified in the General Academic Regulations.
The applicant must normally obtain a pass in ‘A’ Level Arts related subjects. ‘A’ level English and or English Literature is required for those applying for Dual Honours in English and a foreign language.

Duration: 4 years (including attachment)

Career Opportunities

1. Foreign affairs and international relations
2. Airline, Cruise Lines, Railroads service
3. Advertising
4. Editing and Publishing
5. Subtitles and Voice-overs
6. Event Management
7. Nursing
8. Banking
9. Import/Export Specialist
10. Hotel Management
11. Department of Justice, Immigration & Naturalization
12. Foreign language teaching
13. National security
14. Interpreters and Translators
15. International College Student Advisor
16. Cultural Tutor
17. Court Reporting and Broadcast Captioning
18. News Writer, Reporter, Correspondent
19. Customs and Border Protection
20. Tour guide
21. Marketing executive
22. International organizations/company advisor
23. Operational Air Intelligence Analyst
24. Customer service position that requires foreign languages

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