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    Faculty of Engineering

    Faculty of Engineering is a university division specializing in teaching in areas traditionally classified as “engineering” for academic purposes.

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    Engineering Degrees

    Our mission is to enable our clients and customers to make meaningful engineering contributions

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Master of Science Degree in Highway Engineering (MHWE)

The Master of Science Degree in Highway Engineering (MHWE) is a taught programme of one year duration. It includes five compulsory courses, a Project, Dissertation and six elective courses from which three courses should be selected and passed The Project is scheduled for the second semester of study. A Dissertation commences after successful completion of the five courses offered during the first semester. The MHWE regulations are fully coordinated with the General Regulations of taught masters degrees.


MSc in Water Resource Engineering Management (WREM)

The Master of Science Degree in Water Resources Engineering Management (WREM) is a taught programme offered on a full-time basis (3 semesters) or part-time (6 semesters).  A semester normally runs for 6 months.  The programme comprises a taught part followed by a Dissertation.  The taught part comprises nine courses, of which five and a Project are compulsory and four are elective.  The Dissertation normally commences after successful completion of the taught part and the Research Methods Course.
 To be admitted into the programme, candidates must have normally obtained a good first degree in an appropriate field of engineering or natural sciences.  Professional experience in relevant fields is an added advantage.

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