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Confucius Institute

津方院长Zimbabwean Director马歇瑞教授 Professor P. Mashiri


Professor Mashiri is the Founding Director of the Confucius Institute. He is also the current Pro-Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs.


中方院长Chinese Director吴波教授 Prof. Wu Bo


Professor Wu Bo is the Chinese Director of Confucius Institute. He teaches courses in linguistics and applied linguistics in the School of Liberal Arts of Renmin University of China.

孔院历史History of the Confucius Institute


The Confucius Institute at the University of Zimbabwe was established in 2007. Since its establishment, the institute has grown tremendously making it one of the leading centres of excellence on the African continent. The rapid and epiphanous growth of the institute is attributable to the high quality teaching and state-of-the-art laboratory services as well as many exciting career opportunities. More than 2000 students who graduated from the Confucius Institute are currently contributing to the Sino-Zim relationships through offering Chinese language translation services as well as teaching Chinese language and culture in various institutions and government departments. Apart from providing language services, the Confucius Institute at the University of Zimbabwe also provides scholarships sponsored by the Chinese Government to outstanding students.

孔院的愿景Vision of the Confucius Institute

津大孔院将努力成为津巴布韦汉语教学、中华文化教学、汉语服务及汉语研究中心,并通过文化交流加强中津友谊关系。To be considered by our stakeholders and members of the public as a leading centre in teaching Chinese language and culture as well as advancing cutting edge research, intellectual liaison and exchange that foster Sino-Zimbabwe collaboration and provision of professional language services.

孔院的任务宣言Mission statement of the Confucius Institute

促进津巴布韦人民对汉语和中华文化的了解,增强中津两国人民之间的交流及传统友谊。To promote and enhance the understanding of the Chinese language and culture among Chinese learners in Zimbabwe and beyond while promoting friendship and exchange between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Zimbabwe.

汉语专业Chinese Language long term Programmes

  1. 汉语和中华文化研究 (4)Honours in Chinese and Cultural Studies (4 years)
  2. 汉语和英语专业(4)Dual honors in Chinese and English(4 years)
  3. 汉语和语言学专业(4)Dual Honours in Chinese and Linguistics(4 years)

其它服务Other Services Available

1汉语短期班课程,一到三个月。 Chinese Short Courses : 2- 3 months

 2. HSK培训。Chinese Proficiency Test Training

3. 汉语翻译。Translation Services

工作机会Carrier opportunities

汉语翻译 Translation and Interpretation

汉语教师或讲师 Chinese teaching and lecturing

研究者 Researcher

销售 Marketing


公务员Civil service


导游Tour guiding




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