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    Faculty of Law

    Faculty of Law which started as a department in the Faculty of Social Studies (and later as a department in the Faculty of Commerce) has grown by leaps and bounds.

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    Law Degrees

    The Faculty has a proud and illustrious legal history having trained most of the country’s lawyers including judges.

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Our Faculties

Laws Honours Degree (LLBS (Hons) Full Time and Part Time

Degree and Entry Requirements

(Four years full time study and Six Years Part-Time)

Entry requirements

(a)                   Normal Entry

Entry into the LL.B (Hons) programme is very competitive and in recent years the minimum entry qualification has been 15 “A” level points.  Since 2010, the competition for vacancies has increased so much that only candidates with 15 points are guaranteed a place.

(b)     Mature Entry                        

The usual university requirements apply

and only five places are reserved for this group.

(c)                   Special Entry

Five places each year are reserved for this category and the candidates are either magistrates or prosecutors working for the Judicial Service Commission and the Ministry of Justice.

Laws  Honours Degree (LLBS (Hons)  Full Time Courses and Course Unit Values

Core Courses                                                 Codes   Units Prerequisite

Level 1

        Introduction to Law                              LB101   20     

        History of Roman Dutch Law              LB102   20

        Contract                                                 LB103   20

        Criminal Law                                          LB104   20

        Constitutional Law                               LB105   20

        Statutory Interpretation                      LB106   20


        Core Courses                                   Codes     Units   Prerequisite

 Level 2

        Criminal Procedure                         LB201     20       Criminal Law           LB103   

        Family Law                                       LB203     20

        Delict                                                LB204     20

        Civil Procedure                                LB206     20       Introduction to Law              LB 101

        Commercial Law                              LB207     20       Contract    LB102

        Evidence                                           LB208     20       Introduction to Law              LB101,

        Criminal Law                                    LB103

 Level 3

        Accounting for Legal Practitioners               LB301 20

        Civil Procedure (Superior Courts) LB302     20

        Jurisprudence                                  LB303     20

        Property Law                                   LB304     20

        Legal Ethics                                      LB305     10      

Level 4

        Clinical and Practical Skills Training             LB401 40


        Dissertation                                     LB 470    40

        Optional Courses

        Law of Taxation                               LB002     20

        Law of Banking and Negotiable

        Instruments                                     LB003     20

        Administrative and

        Local Government Law                   LB004     20

        Environmental and Local Planning

        Law                                                   LB005     20

        Public International Law                LB006     20

        Labour Law                                      LB008     20

        Law of Succession                           LB009     20

        Criminology                                     LB010     20

        Insurance Law                                  LB011     20

        Law of Public and

        Private Enterprises                         LB012     20

        International Economic and

        Trade Law                                         LB013     20

        Women’s Law                                  LB015     20

        Industrial and Intellectual Property            

        Law                                                   LB018     20       Property Law           LB304

        Insolvency Law                                LB 020    10       Property Law           LB304

        Law of Public and Private Enterprises         LB012

        Conveyancing                                  LB021     20       Property Law           LB304

        Notarial Practice                             LB022     10       Property Law           LB304

        Advocacy                                          LB026     10

        Customary Law                               LB027     20

        Alternative Dispute Resolution     LB028     10

        Human Rights Law                          LB030     20

        Private International Law               LB031     20

        Competition Law                             LB032     20

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