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Faculty of Engineering

Dean of Engineering

Dr. Eng H. Makurira

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 History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering within the then University of Rhodesia was established in 1973 with technical, material and financial support from the British Overseas Development Authority (ODA). Most of the lecturers at inauguration were drawn from the University of London. This was in response to a growing demand of training local technical expertise who would play a pivotal role in the process of industrialisation and development. This role is increasing in importance as Zimbabwe strives to increase the contribution of Engineering to the Gross National Product. Read More

To be recognised as a leading centre that produces outstanding Engineering Professionals in the country and beyond our borders.

Our mission is to enable our clients and customers to make meaningful engineering contributions to sustainable development in Zimbabwe. To this end we provide high quality engineering education, training and advisory services on a needs oriented basis. We guarantee the above by maintaining excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research and Service to the Community.

Knowledge, diligence, Integrity