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Applications are now open for the Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program 2020!


Applications are now open for the Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program 2020!
Following the success of previous editions and with the help of many supporters, we have enhanced the Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program to be even more impactful this year. We are aiming to reach 10,000 applicants to partake in this unique and fully funded multi-disciplinary curriculum designed and delivered by Harvard faculty. We are excited to increase our reach beyond the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Central Asia this year to include Latin America and the United States. The Program remains dedicated to high-potential talent facing social and financial challenges.
This year’s Program will commence in September 2019 with access to curated online courses produced by HarvardX, a division of Harvard University. Students will undergo a rigorous selection process, and the top students will be selected to attend the culmination of the Program, a week long program conducted in Dubai in partnership with DIFC, and under the patronage of Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Breaking News: HLPE Report


HLPE Report

The High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on Food Security and Nutrition Report is now out. The HLPE Report Series serve as a common, evidence-based starting point for the multi-stakeholder process of policy convergence in the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). Among the contributors on the HLPE features the University of Zimbabwe Vice Chancellor Professor Paul Mapfumo as an HLPE Steering Committee member for 2017-2019, and the Executive Director for Research and Innovation Professor Florence Mtambanengwe as one of the HLPE Project Team members.

The report is Available Here for Download



The University of Zimbabwe, Faculty of Engineering, Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE) is offering the following courses during the July-August 2019 period.




Target group



GIS & Locational Analytics

The course will provide participants with a comprehensive theoretical and practical introduction to GIS.

Engineers, Environmentalists,

Hydrologists, Municipalities, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists and Real Estate Agents/Property Developers.

1-4 July 2019


Internet of Things (IoT): Networks and Protocols

In this course we will focus on how the IoT works.  You will learn about IoT networks and explore how things connect to it (Fog and Cloud)

Computer Networking Professionals

8-12 July 2019


An Industry 4.0 Approach to Maintenance of Machinery

This course is going to introduce you to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the modern way by which machines collect and interpret data. Manufacturing in this new era of machine learning requires little human intervention, due to a fluid conversation between humans and robots.  The influx of AI technology can result in increased work efficiency and consequently an increase in returns due to optimum efficiency.

Engineers, Artisans, Operators

8-12 July 2019


Energy Management

The course topics include monitoring of energy consuming equipment, energy auditing, energy development solutions.  Delegates will conduct a supervised energy audit visit to a plant and write energy audit report.

Middle Managers, Supervisors, Plant Operators and any other interested groups.

15-19 July 2019



How a refrigerator works, refrigerator components:- compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, thermostat, servicing a refrigerator

Technicians, Shop Operators, Cold room Operators and any other interested groups.

22-26 July 2019


Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering with ANSYS.

ANSYS is an application that is used by engineers around the world to test their designs in “virtual environment” before manufacturing prototypes of products, thus saving time and money. Construction of new and improved system designs and optimization carried out on existing equipment through Computational Simulations are resulting in enhanced efficiency and lower operating costs.

Practicing Engineers, Students and Researchers

03 August 2019


Wastewater Management

The course will cover sewage and required treated effluent quality, preliminary effluent treatment (screening), primary effluent treatment (sedimentation), activated sludge process, biological filters (trickling filters), sludge treatment and disposal and odour formation & control.

Council employees in wastewater management, Technicians

29 July - 02  August 2019


Introduction to

Deep Learning

The course will first introduce the mathematics and machine learning basics and progress to modern practices of applying Deep Learning in Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and other applications.

Researchers, Engineers, Artisans, Operators

17-18 August 2019


Practical Electronics

Basic electronic components data and applications, Basic circuit design, soldering and disordering techniques, printed circuit board layout design and etching

Aspiring Electrical/Electronic Engineer or Technicians


1-5 July 2019


Basic joinery and wood machining

Basic joinery and wood machining, use of hand tools, materials, iron mongery and machines.

Aspiring semi-skilled carpentry practitioners, trade men and hand men

8-26 July 2019





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