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UZ Fees Policy


UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE : FEES POLICY (effective from 1 January 2019)
1.First Year Undergraduate Students Fees
i. First year students should pay a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 as a commitment fee and confirmation of acceptance of the offer.
ii. Offer letters will be issued by the end of March each academic year. The non-refundable deposit should be credited to the student’s account and shall be added to the student’s first semester fees upon registration.
iii. Students are given three months up to the end of June to pay the non-refundable deposit. After the payment of the deposit , the student can have the option to clear their fees at once or follow a University approved payment plan.
iv. First year students who would not have paid the non-refundable deposit and completed the registration exercise in time will forfeit their places to applicants on the waiting list.
v. The University does not reserve places for first year students who are not registered within the 3 months allowable period.
2. Diploma and Taught Masters Programmes
i. A student offered a place to study should pay at least 60% of the total fees due in order to register.
ii. The balance of 40% must be cleared at least 2 weeks before commencement of examinations.
3. Fees for All Returning Students
i. Returning students should pay 60% of their fees by the fourth (4th) week of each semester to complete the registration process.
ii. The balance of 40% must be cleared at least two weeks before commencement of examinations.
iii. All students are expected to have completed registration by the 4th week of semester as this is critical for the functioning of the University academic administration business.
iv. All students requiring financial assistance should contact the Dean of Student’s Office for advise on available funding options.
NB: MPhil/DPhil students should refer to the Postgraduate Centre.

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