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UZ School of Technology



Mr Nyakudya

MSc Software Engineering (Aston ,University) Birmingham ,MSc Hardware Engineering ,Kharkov University in Russia (U.S.S.R).        

Tel : 303211 ext 18200


UZ School of Technology is a project run by the University of Zimbabwe that offers Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training. We offer the Applied Information Technology courses at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels. We are unique in that we offer skills based, hands-on training with continuous assessment training specializing in Hardware, Software and Network Engineering.

The school is located in the Mathematics Department and currently has 13 full-time academic, technical and clerical staff members.

The ICT profession is going through numerous changes and new technologies emerge all the time, consequently ICT business requirements also change. We have forged meaningful relationships with our industrial partners so as to keep abreast of ever-changing technologies and business requirements.

At UZ School of Technology we are committed to ensuring that our curriculum meets local, regional and international business requirements. This is particularly reflected in our emphasis on training of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) as it is on demand in ICT market. We are also looking forward to working with a number of organizations who contribute to FOSS projects in order to turn this school into a FOSS Certification Centre.


Centre for Practical Education and Excellence

UZ School of Technology provides conducive, hands on learning atmosphere in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Professional lecturers with a wealth of experience offer custom tailored and flexible courses designed to meet the specific needs of an organisation.

Learning from Industry Professionals.

At UZ School of Technology we place utmost importance in providing our students with high quality education. Our team of experienced lecturers consisting of both full-time and part-time academic consultants, who are experienced in the ICT industry, guide our students through the entire duration of their courses. Industrial professionals are also involved in the provision of seminars and assessed attachments to students.

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